Pali Baskets

Baskets are woven from a combination of new, reused and recycled colourful pallet strapping. Recycled materials are not always available but we are continually working on new ways to make this more achievable.  

Recycled strapping is made from plastic bottles and other plastics collected from gutters, streets and beaches. This not only helps clean up the local environment, but provides a small income for collectors. Factories are local in Myanmar and neighbouring Thailand. 

The basket weaving process is done completely by hand. 

Baskets are designed to be sustainable, to last a very long time, aiming to replace single use or short-lasting bags.

Handles of Passionfruit baskets are made from rattan (a native climbing palm with long stems) purchased from local farmers, which has been stripped of thorns, cleaned, then moulded into a round handle. The base is made from bamboo also purchased from local farmers, which is turn supports their lifestyle.


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