I do love a sale!

We need to make way for a selection of new linens for the festive season. As much as it breaks my heart to have these collections on sale, it had to be done. The Storm Blue, Paper Daisy & Green Bean linens are the perfect back up dancers for the other linens available on the website.

The I'm not Perfect pieces are slightly faulty pieces. Bright Threads is a hand made product. It is made by hands. By people. So mistakes happen - faults happen. Instead of losing my marbles at the factory, or at my sewing team - I ask them to do better next time, why? Because they have their pay deducted if fabric goes back. I would prefer to sell it at below cost than for a worker to lose their hard-earned.

I love every piece WE make, perfect or not. Does it make you look at slow fashion differently? It should! It could also make you think, yes - I’ll purchase a set of ‘faulty’ tea towels from Bright Threads, instead a perfect tea towel from another retailer.

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